Regarding Ver. 4.0

The 4.0 update to the JP server brought about numerous changes to the game mechanics and drastically changed how song scores are calculated, and consequently the ways to form an optimal Scorer team. Listed below are additional variables affecting song score in Ver. 4.0, and whether their effects are been accounted for by this Team Builder:

☑ 10% bonus to cards whose idol belongs to selected song's idol unit

☐ Equipped School-Idol-Skills

☐ Center card's secondary leader skill

☐ Guest center's secondary leader skill

Ver. 4.0 Team Builder

There is an existing SIF Ver. 4.0 team builder written by 見習い師 (@minaraishi) available at:

Translations and Usage Guide by /u/euni_2319

I highly recommend JP server players to use this instead.

Usage Guide

  1. Enter your School Idol Tomodachi Username. (case sensitive)
  2. Click Fetch Accounts
  3. Choose the SIF account containing the cards you would like to use to build your team.
  4. Select a song to tailor your team to.
  5. Select the percentage of notes you are confident in getting PERFECTs.
  6. Select the type of team you wish to form.
  7. Click the BUILD TEAM button.
  8. Select the Team Builder tab above to view the team! (may take a few seconds to load)
Note: Currently cards with skill levels higher than 1 are still treated as cards with skill level 1.
Note: N cards are not included in calculations. If you think N cards are able to make the team, then the in-game Auto-Formation tool will be more than enough to help you form your teams.

Team Types

  • Scorer: Allows player to achieve the highest possible score based on song selection and % PERFECTs.
  • Perfect-Lock (Maximize Score): Team consists of account's best Perfect-Lock cards with the same attribute as the song. If there are insufficient cards to form a full team, the remaining slots are filled with cards that will maximise the score of the team.
  • Perfect-Lock (Maximize PLock): Team consists of account's best Perfect-Lock cards regardless of card attribute. Perfect for S-Comboing a song while disregarding song score.
  • Healer (Maximize Score): Team consists of account's best Healer cards with the same attribute as the song. If there are insufficient cards to form a full team, the remaining slots are filled with cards that will maximise the score of the team.
  • Healer (Maximize Healing): Team consists of account's best Healer cards regardless of card attribute. Recommended for tackling songs that you face difficulty completing.
This web application helps School Idol Tomodachi users to create a team for the game LoveLive! School Idol Festival tailored to the selected song and the player's needs.


Special thanks to /u/lygodium whose original Team Builder Spreadsheet is used as a basis for this web application. A big thank you to the developers of School Idol Tomodachi as well for creating and maintaining the website.


The source code for this web application is available here:


This web application, School Idol Tomodachi Team Builder, is not a representative and is not associated with LoveLive!.
LoveLive!, School Idol Project, School Idol Festival, their logos and cards images are Trademarks of ASCII Media Works, Dengeki G's Magazine, Sunrise Studio, Bushiroad and KLab Inc.
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2016/02/27 - Initial release
2016/02/28 - Fixed a bug where team shown is based on a center skill that none of the account's cards have
2016/03/02 - Fixed a bug caused when a UR is selected to be the center but gets replaced due to better SR+ cards
2016/03/04 - Added Team Types option; added 'Recommended guest center' for Scorer teams
2016/03/08 - Added 2 more team types (Plock max-score, Healer max-score); explanations in About tab
2016/03/27 - Missing card data error messages; ability to view raw data in Team Stats and All Stats tabs
2016/04/14 - Added attribute average song selections; duplicate account name error messages
2016/05/10 - Minor optimization, replaced loops with vectorized operations
2016/07/17 - Added support for SSR rarity cards
2016/07/19 - Overhauled Scorer team center choice logic; all previous scorer team center bugs fixed
2016/08/25 - Added MASTER songs
2016/08/26 - Added 10% matching song unit bonus for 4.0 JP accounts; UI changes